NEWS: CROCOGATOR 3 Manila Preview


JOSEY KIDD-CROWE/ New Rooms for Old Rooms/ 21 September – 23 October 2011

…all these paintings are nothing but utterly mendacious state art pampering to vanity… nothing but state art, state-commissioned art… including the so-called white-bearded man… just as the so-called free man is a utopia, the so-called free artist is a utopia… this art is a pitiful and base art… nauseating more than anything else… all of them painted only in this manner… I find these paintings most profoundly repulsive and again and again… I continue to study them, but they are repellent, that is perfectly clear… it makes no difference what you read and view, in the end it will become ridiculous and worthless… no matter which work of art, it is made to look ridiculous… it seems to you great and yet one moment to the next you make it seem ridiculous… but then most people are ridiculous and most works of art are ridiculous… they observe everything to the bitter end with their terrible seriousness… and always with those tragicomically unsuccessful hands…


While working in a traditional studio based set up, Josey Kidd-Crowe uses a methodology of constant research through experience and discovery. His practice navigates around artistic formats of collage, painting and drawing and each work conducts a journey through ideas and influences that he chooses to accommodate at a particular time. Experience in the form of present place and activities informs his works. His paintings are always both one thing and the other: figurative and abstract, mise-en-scene and motif.  Geoff Newton of Neon Parc, with whom the artist is represented by in Melbourne, describes him painting “with an intuitive sense of urgency, making many of his modest scaled pictures wet-on-wet and in one sitting,” and that “his drawings and observations inform much of his painting practice, and in turn influence the direction of the newer works.”

Josey Kidd-Crowe lives and works in Melbourne and has been exhibiting in Australia since 2006. He is LOSTprojects’ artist-in-residence for September 2011.

RESIDENCY 3: Manila has Josey Kidd-Crowe now

NEWS: LOSTprojects participates in the 2011 Asian Arts Space Network in Gwangju, South Korea 

Along with 23 other art spaces in Asia, LOSTprojects was invited to take part in the symposium and exhibition of the 2011 Asian Arts Space Network in Gwangju, South Korea from 23-26 August 2011.

A pilot project by the Office for Hub City of Asian Culture, this meeting aimed to discuss the “role and function of art spaces in Asia in the 21st Century.” The event provided for an intensive, internal exchange among the directors of 24 spaces and an exhibition of the spaces’ respective documentation in Geumnamro Gallery of the Gwangju Museum of Art.


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