LISA ANDREW + SIMON BARNEY + MARIA CRUZ/ Music For Everyone/ 31 July – 24 August 2011

Lisa Andrew, Simon Barney and Maria Cruz met and collaborated in artist-run initiatives in Sydney. With their ties to the Philippines – Maria was born here while Lisa & Simon spent significant time here during the 60’s and the 70’s – they have explored the possibility of doing something together in Manila.

Through a LOSTprojects residency, they have spent July 2011 fulfilling a couple of projects in Manila. Pablo Gallery opened Hollywood Hotel on 9 July with works that reflect the participatory nature of each artists’ practice. On the other hand, LOSTprojects presents Music For Everyone on Sunday, 31 July. Music For Everyone contains performative works and open-ended projects by Andrew, Barney and Cruz. It looks at associations with low-tech in the artists’ investigation on material and presents the artistic format of drawing that identifies no terminal point in line-work.

RESIDENCY 2: Lisa Andrew, Simon Barney and Maria Cruz make it to Manila!

Lisa, Maria and Simon, July 2011

NEWS: Sam Kiyoumarsi shortlisted in the 2011 Ateneo Art Awards for his LOSTprojects exhibition



BJORN CALLEJA/ Fear Made Me Do This/ 4 May 2011 – 1 June 2011.

The neighbourhood’s curiosity is brimming. That, or people parking for a mass & the customers from next door (while waiting for their turn for shiatsu and man-pedicure) can’t really treat LOST as window gallery with its current exhibition – Fear Made Me Do This by Bjorn Calleja. They’ve crept in boldy, passing comments “What happened to the babies?” (Ben’s show), “I’m a photographer too but had to quit work because …”. After all it can’t be helped that they need to take a closer look at the wallet-sized photos making up Bjorn’s installation and that they felt a little bit more ease in the dark with topless boys armed with masking tape.
 – May 3, 2011


Turning from his usual colorfully strange canvas worlds, Bjorn explores methods to learn about painting. Fear Made Me Do This is consequential to his conviction that “art is a language” – a language perhaps that begins with a catharsis. Bjorn bravely admits that his installation is LOSTprojects is borne out of paranoia – a paranoia that magnifies the ambivalent place of Facebook. Approximately 3000 photographs of his Facebook friends were printed and assigned to a mis-en-scene of death. All together, the installation becomes a parody collage of thumbnails from a networking structure that has “vulnerability” in its fine print. It is vandalization that makes us to examine again the thin line (or perhaps non-existent) line between public domain and private spaces.

As much as Fear Made Me Do This started as a projection to overcome a social liability, Bjorn’s exhibition speaks about his encounter with a system that requires whoever is in it to constantly treat it as a puzzle piece.

OFFSITE: LOST @ Y3K Melbourne


NEWS: Ben Quilty wins Archibald Prize 2011



SAM KIYOUMARSI/ Inalienable Dreamless/ 16 March – 16 April 2011

After the opening of LOSTprojects last year, the art space is moving on to its 2011 exhibition program that presents a focused platform of six exhibitions and two residencies by artists based in Manila and Sydney.

The program is ushered in with a new series by Sam Kiyoumarsi titled Inalienable Dreamless. This exhibition presents Sam’s inquiry to portraiture as a staple motif and how he reflects on this critique to create portraits differently.

This series of selected portraits taken within the span of 2005 to 2011 diverges into a pair of tendencies in Sam’s conceptual practice. He fashions subjects ominous in their uncanniness within traditional frames of photography at the same time inspects the limit to a photograph’s materiality. Inalienable Dreamless makes up Sam’s immediate culture – artists, musicians alongside people with lives run-of-the-mill. He captures them in the breach between snapshot and staged, debauched and restored.

NEWS: Ben Quilty opens his exhibition Trashed in LOSTprojects, 24 November 2010

Cos Zicarelli, Ben Quilty, David Griggs and Jayson Oliveria


BEN QUILTY/ Trashed/ 24 November – 24 December 2010

LOSTprojects is proud to present Trashed, an exhibition of new works by Australian painter Ben Quilty. Trashed continues Ben Quilty’s investigation into the destructive possibilities of young masculinity. Constantly exploring notions of identity within the crude initiation ceremonies of young Australian men, Quilty points out the absurdity of the way young men are ingratiate into adult society.

Exhibiting fast and thick paintings of his baby daughter alongside the visage of Captain and Cook and smashed cars he poses as many questions as he offers answers about the way men behave within society.

NEWS: Deborah Smith visits Manila and LOSTprojects 10-17 November 2010

Deborah Smith, Claus Carsten and Curro Gonzalez



POW MARTINEZ/ March of the Pigs/ Oct 6 – 14 November 2010 (Residency: July – September 2010)

The difference with LOSTprojects from most alternative art spaces is that its official history began with being plotted on an international art map before the inauguration of its exhibition space and program. Returning from VOLTA6, an art fair that selects galleries that “work with the most exciting artists” in Basel, Switzerland, LOST finally opened its space to its first studio-residency grantee, Pow Martinez on July 1, 2010.

LOSTprojects’ residency program provides a studio for artists to work in for up to three months. The studio is located on the first floor of three storey apartment in the offbeat strip of Industrial Valley in Marikina City. After the residency, it subsequently becomes the exhibition space.

Pow Martinez, recently awarded in the 2010 Ateneo Art Awards, finishes his residency at LOST on October 1, 2010. Aside from being LOST’s first resident artist, Martinez’s fourth solo exhibition is also the alternative art space’s first show.

LOSTprojects is therefore proud to formally open its exhibition program with March of the Pigs, an exhibition of new works by Pow Martinez. The series carries on Martinez’s preference to play and self-proclaimed arrogance towards painting. Generous, thickly textured paints and recurring imagery allow his style to be distinct. He continues to, what he calls, “abuse and exhaust the image.”

March of the Pigs also has references to Metal music, and draws attention to the incompatible visual realism with the actual mash and mosh of the genre. Also known for his Sound Art projects, Martinez’s acuteness to noise and music is naturally reflected in his paintings – his works from both media concentrating on layers, irregularities and other instinctual arrangements.

NEWS: Pow Martinez wins Ateneo Art Awards 2010



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